Tips From A Certified Fire Door Inspector

A certified fire door inspector will always recommend the use of a fire rated door with a 30 minute rating to make sure that people are kept safe during fire breakout. Any fire that breaks out in a certain location inside a building can still be compartmentalized, depending on the type of door installed in the area. If it is a fire door, then compartmentalization can last at least 30 minutes but with an ordinary door, catching fire would be quick and thus, it can spread to other areas. In a few minutes, all of the combustible materials that were passed by the fire will be gutted down, and that can even include people.

What is a fire door? There are many selections for this door type but basically, these are doors that are manufactured to withstand fire and extreme heat such as a during a fire accident. These doors are important especially for buildings with long corridors. At the end of the corridor, a fire resistant door would be recommended. When there’s fire that’s building up, smoke can be a big hindrance to seeking egress. These fire doors, if they have smoke seals, will not allow smoke to pass through, even the one they call “cold smoke” which is a by-product of a fire that has just started.

A fire-proof door should show a gap of 5mm from the floor and not exceeding that distance. This is to allow the seal to expand fully when exposed to heat. Any deviation from the 5mm will be risky since the seal may not be able to fully cover the gap and thus, the door will put people in jeopardy.

Fire-resistant accessories are required to be installed with the door. These fittings should be able to stand the extreme heat of 800°C. any ordinary metal will have melted in that heat but there are materials that are specified for accessories. Your certified fire door inspector can give you an idea how these things are purchased if ever you need a replacement. Chances are, the supplier of these doors also knows how to inspect their products and provide an official compliance label whenever they check a door on a routine basis. glass fire doors

In inspecting these doors, the third-party agency will refer to the previous records of the door and do a check up on the problem areas of the door, especially the seals. Normally, the door will be worked by a router so that the seal can be inserted into the perimeter. In case the seals fall off, there should be a replacement of these seals and they should also come from the same manufacturer to have a uniform thickness.

These doors are not necessarily ugly. They can be made to match the building or house interiors using paints and other embellishments. A fire door can be classy and trendy while providing its legendary protective feature in case a fire breaks out. Once a fire happens, the door would be able to stand the heat of fire and allow egress for people occupying the building.


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